The members of the Rooster Springs PTA – parents, teachers and administrators – share a common interest: to come together as a community, and work to ensure the success of our children.  To do this we have a number of committees that do the work and form the backbone of the PTA.  Below are the positions for the 2022-23 school year..  The PTA goal is to have a chair, chair-elect and committee members for all committees. There are opportunities to accommodate various volunteer schedules and availability.   If you are interested in serving, or have a passion and would like to share that with the RSE community that is not listed below, please email Natalie Kemp at  Please note that committees are subject to change based on the needs of our school and if positions are filled. 

Committee Chairs are approved by the board members and can serve up to 2 years. Note that chairs must be approved each year. 


VP Programs – Raechel Tabereaux

Healthy Lifestyles:  Bonnie Pope

The Healthy Lifestyles Committee promotes healthy lifestyles in the home, school and community.  This is a creative role to find ways to incorporate healthy lifestyles throughout a child’s life by helping plan for healthy food choices and activities during school events such as movie night, field day, class parties, etc. The chair typically works with Coach D to include a nutritious and fun snack for Rooster students during field day in April.  The time commitment is as needed when there are school wide activities and a few weeks leading up to field day. 

All Abilities :  Sara Luckenbill

This committee aims to celebrate our individuality and help remind students, teachers and parents about the importance of including students with special needs, and acceptance of all neurodiversity.  They frequently look for new ways to make our school a better place for everyone. The time commitment includes a monthly article for the newsletter, Thursday folder and social media posts, and decorating bulletin boards as needed throughout the year.  This chair also  works with the VP of Programs to ensure school-wide events are inclusive to all children.

Spelling Bee:  Leigh Heltzel

The chair will register Rooster Springs with Scripps then work with the PTA board and school to determine the date of the school spelling bee and coordinate the bee.  The chair will register students, distribute study lists to the spellers, coordinate bee judges, and get awards. Time commitment: The spelling bee typically happens in January. The chair should be able to coordinate the event and attend the event while working with the VP of Programs, Info VP and President to send out communication to families starting two months before the event.

Watch D.O.G.S.:   Brian Bierman

WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) invites fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or other father figures to volunteer at Rooster during the school year. The program underscores the importance of a positive male role model for the students, demonstrated by their presence at school. The “extra sets of eyes and ears” to enhance school security, aid administration, assist the teachers, reduce bullying and the kids think the DOG is a rock star for the day!  The chair plans 2 “kick off” events a year typically in early fall and January. The chair is also responsible for creating PR materials to be used in online communications and communicating with administrative staff at Rooster as to when a Watch DOG is scheduled to be on campus.

Family Movie Night: Farrar Lindner

Each year the PTA hosts an outdoor family movie night. We set up a large projector and sell concessions and invite the entire community out to enjoy a movie.  The kids vote on which movie to show at lunchtime before the event. A chair and committee is needed to plan and coordinate the event. The chair and committee secure movie licensing, coordinate volunteer needs with the Volunteers VP,  create PR materials to share with families, organize concessions, etc.  Time commitment: heavy the month before for planning and night of the event.

Parent Education:  Sarah Kline

The Parent Education committee works to keep parents informed. This committee has hosted several guest speakers in the past that lectured on topics such as social media and understanding social emotional learning. This committee works closely with the VP of Volunteers and school counselor on an as needed basis.

Handled by VP of Programs :

Assemblies: The Assemblies chairperson and committee works with the Programs VP to schedule assemblies (different from the Friday morning assemblies).  They work with the office and vendors to schedule assemblies and notify the teachers of the details.  The chairperson must be available to attend assembly and help set up if needed. Typically there are 2-4 assemblies per year. Preparation for assemblies is mostly through email and phone calls. 

Academic Events: Student-friendly events that spark passion for STEM through activities and experiments for students.  If you’re concerned about the technology part—don’t worry; you don’t need any technology experience to help coordinate or volunteer for this event!  We will have easy-to-follow facilitator guides and videos that explain exactly what to do in a step by step breakdown.

2nd VP Arts & Education – Chani Buettner 

Art Appreciation:  Caren Kreger

The Chairperson maintains education materials and supplies and helps train the classroom Art Appreciation volunteers. This Art Enrichment Program is a fun, creative, and educational program that supplements RSE students’ already extensive art education with regular, parent-led projects throughout the school year.  The PTA-funded art enrichment committee comes up with new and different projects every year, each of which first teaches students about a particular artist or artistic tradition (often connected to the curriculum or a local museum exhibit) and then leads students in a hands-on art project inspired by the same artist or tradition.  The art committee provides all the supplies, and volunteers do not need any prior experience, just enthusiasm for the creative process! Please note that there is a vast library of activities from past years that can be used again. Time commitment: this happens 2-5 times a year. Chair will need to coordinate supplies as well as help execute the project. 

Reflections:  Christina Henson

This program offers students the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit works of art in six areas: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts (which include art forms such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage). Students participate in the Reflections Program by submitting entries to their local PTA.  You must be a PTA member to enter the program. The top four winners in each category and age group continue on to the district level. The chair/committee creates PR flyers to share, keeps up with email communication about Reflections and submits entries. 

Learning Garden:  Lindsay Booth and Janet Jedynak

The Learning Garden is a rewarding effort as it is truly a favorite among students. The RSE PTA provides seeds, mulch, planting containers and expertise in the learning garden.  The garden is located just outside the doors of the CL&I.  Teachers can sign up for a plot and bring their students to plant and observe and even pick and taste their crops.  The chair is responsible for organizing volunteers to keep the garden supplied and thriving in order to maintain the Monarch Waystation and Certified Wildlife Habitat certifications.  The chair is also responsible for communicating with class volunteers and maintaining the Learning Garden Facebook group. In order to maintain a year-round garden, a Chair and committee is needed. This position requires a weekly commitment both in the garden and online.  (Depending on time of year: 1-4hrs/week in garden and 1-4/week online. Very little online work in the summer.)

Talent Show:  Carl Cocarro

This committee assists in coordinating a talent show to allow our students to display their talents. In order to make this event a success, a committee of 4-5 volunteers is needed. The talent show is typically at the end of February.  The chair secures any equipment needed and creates all PR materials and guidelines for participants. Note that the event date can change if needed.

Diversity & Culture:  Arpi Shah

Diversity Chair will strive to celebrate and bring awareness on a variety of topics that provide educational information to the RSES Community. Topics should specifically bring awareness to underrepresented cultures as well as represent the RSES Community as a whole when appropriate. The Diversity Chair is responsible for creating/hosting a night time event, creating content for weekly school communications (Thursday folder), PTA newsletter, PTA social media platforms. This committee will have tasks each month such as decorating bulletin boards and submitting flyers for social media. The Chair should also host committee meetings as needed throughout the year that includes parents, community members, and RSE staff.


3rd VP Fundraising – Jessica Spanton

Spirit Items/Spirit Sticks:  Nickie Maurer

The chair coordinates the sale of Spirit Sticks and other spirit items a few times a year during lunches. A team of volunteers is best. 

School Supplies: Maggie Krein

Prepackaged school supplies are offered to parents for pre-order every May for the following school year. Supplies are grade-level/gender specific and are delivered to your teachers classroom prior to the first day of school. Volunteers are needed to help receive & sort the supplies and distribute the week before school starts. Supplies are sorted the week before school starts.

Class T-Shirt:  Karen Ogden

The majority of this role will be in the first few weeks of school.  Facilitating class t-shirt order with the t-shirt vendor, working with the Fundraising VP and President, answering parent emails, and organizing t-shirt orders from each classroom. This committee needs 2-3 people. The chair will need to be available to help deliver shirts to students.

Handled by the VP of Fundraising:

Spirit Nights: Fundraising VP is to coordinate 3-5 spirit nights for the RSES Community. 

Sponsors: Ask local businesses and organizations if they would like to sponsor events, donate monetarily, or provide in-kind donations.


4th VP Volunteers – Tatitana Solomon

Crow Cash: Jenny Johnson

The chair works to implement a Crow Cash store where students can cash in their crow cash to purchase toys and incentives. The chair is responsible for putting wish lists/purchasing of store supplies, inventory management, and pricing  items. The chair works closely with the assistant principal and positive behavior support school committee. The chair will create flyers and advertise to promote the store and obtain volunteers.


Staff Appreciation:  Kristin Quick

The committee works with the volunteer team and room parents to coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week events.  The committee also plans a back to school teacher lunch, Sugar Shack, and monthly birthday celebrations.  The chair collects information about teacher favorites, so that parents can spoil their teachers. Time commitment: one day before school starts, once a month for birthdays, Sugar Shack in December, and the week of Teacher Appreciation (typically in May). 

Room Parent Coordinator:  Lianna Erickson

The room parent coordinator is the link between the PTA, school and  parents in the classroom. The coordinator sends PTA news and calendar events via online communication to help create public awareness and support for PTA goals and programs. Consistent email communication is needed. Time commitment: Communication is shared on an as needed basis and busier at the beginning of the year and around holidays/class parties.

Science Lab:  Frances Marusarz

The science lab chair buys supplies, cleans and organizes the lab, and re-stocks the science lab as needed. Time commitment is cleaning 2x/month.

Hospitality:  Lauren O’Neill

This committee chair coordinates any food/beverage for regular PTA meetings, STAAR snacks, STAAR breakfasts for staff, Field day vendor breakfasts, and Field day snack for students. Additionally, the committee works with the Veteran’s Day committee chair to coordinate the event.  Time commitment: The chair & committee should be available for each general meeting and Veteran’s day. 

Staff Workroom:  Shellie Deringer

This position coordinates teacher workroom volunteers and provides assistance for teachers with making copies and doing projects for teachers. It’s a great way to see first hand what students are learning and free up our teachers to do what they do best—TEACH!! Time commitment: send out weekly emails to remind volunteers of their time slots, order materials as needed, train volunteers at the beginning of the year, and be available for workroom questions as they arise.

Community Social Event (Spring Carnival) : Sarah Barr

An afternoon event of games, activities, food, and fun for the entire community. From cake walks, rock climbing walls to carnival games and a petting zoo, this event is an action-packed event! The Committee offers many volunteer opportunities including sponsorships, games, food booths, and much, much more! This committee coordinates with the VP of Volunteers. Time commitment: A few hours each week will be needed for planning, probably a few months in advance. The chair and committee should be able to attend the event. 

Handled by the VP of Volunteers:

Back to School Bash: The VP coordinates with the school secretary and President to help plan a back to school event. Students meet their teacher and then head out to the playground to connect with other classmates and friends. The chair also coordinates any vendors such as face painters, snow cones, etc. 


5th VP Public Information – Jill Motal

Bulletin Boards: Theresa Albus

Assist in updating the bulletin boards/glass cases in front of the school to reflect what is happening for the week. Also, update the fliers hanging on bulletin boards and at school entrances as required. This committee is  great for the volunteer who wants to be involved on an as needed basis. Time commitment is heavy the two weeks before school starts.

Marquee: Chele Daulton

PTA is responsible for keeping up-to-date information on the marquee in front of the school each month. This position requires a monthly time commitment, in updating the visible board by the road in front of the school. Updates can be done anytime, day, evenings, weekends. VP of Info will help with determining events to be posted.  

Yearbook  : Ashley Gotta

The yearbook committee coordinates class pictures, preparation and distribution of the yearbook. The ability to be at important school and PTA events in order to capture pictures is ideal. This committee needs 3-5 members to make it a success. This committee is a full year commitment with most work being in spring with completion of yearbook and delivery. 

Social Media:  Krista Diaz

The social media chair works with the Info VP and President to help update the RSES PTA social media accounts with events happening at RSES. This position is great for the volunteer who can complete all tasks from home and is social media savvy.

Handled by VP of Information:

PTA Newsletter:  The PTA distributes a newsletter quarterly to all PTA members.  This publication serves as a way to impart PTA happenings as well as highlight RSE staff and advocate for local, state and national level PTA priorities. This role requires communication across the PTA organization, district council and administration, writing and basic digital design.  The commitment is ongoing throughout the year with deliverables four times a year. 

PTA Website: PTA maintains a current and accurate website that serves as a resource for our parent and teacher community.  This responsibility requires weekly attention but can be done from anywhere.  Familiarization with website management is a plus but not a requirement to help. 

DSISD PTA Council Delegate: Amy Grabein

Advocacy: The PTA advocates for all children and youth. This committee will identify, research and communicate the issues and legislation that affect our children at the local, state and national levels.  The chair liaison will report to the executive board and general membership on legislative activities. The chair will keep the PTA informed on current legislative news by submitting information for the newsletter or by submitting articles for electronic distribution with the President’s approval. Time commitment: a few hours a month.