Watch D.O.G.S is back!


What is Watch DOGS?

Watch DOGS (Dads Of Great Students) is a family and community engagement educational initiative designed to provide positive male role models for students, demonstrating by their presence that education is important.


Who are Watch DOGS?

Watch DOGS are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other male figures in our students’ lives who volunteer for at least one day each year as an official Watch DOG at Rooster Springs.  


What do Watch DOGS do at the school?

During the day, WatchDOGS may read and work on flash cards with students, play at recess, help out in the cafeteria during lunch, patrol the school entrances and hallways, assist with traffic flow and any other assigned activities where they actively engage with not only their own students, but other students as well. This year we have 4 different schedules for our Watch DOGS to choose from:

                    Morning Watch DOG – 7:15am-11:30am

                    Afternoon Watch DOG – 11:00am-3:15pm

                    All Day Watch DOG – 7:15am-3:15pm

                    Lunch Time Watch DOG – 10:15-1:15pm

REMINDER: To volunteer for Watch DOGS you must have a background check on file with DSISD.

Your background check must be completed every school year. 

Click HERE to fill out your background check now.


Ready to be a Watch DOG?

Click HERE to sign up to be a Watch DOG now.


Questions? Contact our Watch D.O.G.S. coordinator, Brian Bierman, at

Learn more about the national Watch D.O.G.S. program at